How To Wash Stuffed Toys & Plush Pillows

How To Wash Stuffed Toys & Plush Pillows

Cleaning Stuffed Toys & Plush Pillows

Your beloved stuffed toy or plush pillow can accumulate lots of dirt and grime over time. Maybe it's high time to give it a bath! So how do you safely clean it? Here’s a step-by-step guide to washing and getting them clean and fresh.


  • Get a basin and fill it with warm water then add a small amount of mild liquid detergent or dish soap to form a lather.
  • Soak your stuffed toy in the soapy water then gently squeeze the toy a couple of times. You should see dirt coming out.
  • Clean the surface of the toy by massaging it using your fingers or dip a clean towel or sponge in the basin then lightly scrub the entire toy.
  • For particularly troublesome spots like tough dirt or stains, use a soft-bristled toothbrush to scrub it off - this can be quite rough so use only if needed.


  • Drain the soapy water off the basin then fill it again with fresh clean water.
  • Submerge your stuffed toy, lightly squeezing and massaging it to get rid of all the suds.
  • Repeat the process as needed until all soap has been removed.
  • To maintain soft furs, add a fabric softener at the final rinse.


  • Gently squeeze off the water. Do not wring or twist the toy to avoid damaging its original shape, prints or decals.
  • To remove excess water and speed up drying time, wrap the toy in a clean towel then give it a mild squeeze. Change towels as needed to remove as much water as possible.
  • Let the toy dry on its own by setting it on a flat drying rack and leave in the sun.
  • Use a drying net if you prefer to hang the toy in a clothes line.

Final Touch:

  • Once your stuffed toy is completely dry, brush the fur with a soft bristle brush making sure that you are going along with the direction of its fur.
  • Apply your favorite perfume to make your beloved toy smell good.
  • You're done! Give your stuffed toy or plush pillow a great big hug!

Important Notes:

  • Be sure to use only white or light colored towel or sponge to avoid risk of color bleeding.
  • If your stuffed toy has decal parts or prints, do not squeeze, brush or rub directly on the decals/prints.
  • Do not leave your stuffed toy in a humid or damp area to dry since it's a perfect place for molds to build!
  • Do not directly pin the toy on the clothes line, doing so will damage its original shape.
  • Never use a hair dryer when drying the toy.
  • We do not recommend machine wash.

Sometimes a full bath isn't needed particularly if you only got little dirt on the surface of your toy. Learn how to surface or spot clean stuffed toys and plush pillows here. ♥

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