Payment Methods

Gift Zone accepts the following payment methods:

BDO LBC Western Palawan


BDO | LBC | Western Union | Palawan Express

  • On Checkout / Payment Method choose:
  1. BANK DEPOSIT to pay via BDO (Over the Counter or Online Transfer)
  2. MONEY REMITTANCE to pay via LBC, Western Union or Palawan Express
  • Once you have completed checkout, you will receive an order confirmation email with payment instructions and guidelines.
  • Pay for your order and reply to the order confirmation email with a clear copy or photo of proof of payment.
  • You will receive a payment confirmation email once we have successfully verified your payment.
  • NOTE: You have 2 business days to make your payment and email proof of payment. If you missed the deadline, you can always re-submit an order.

PayPal Debit  or Credit Card


PayPal Account | Mastercard | Visa

  • On Checkout / Payment Method, select PAYPAL as your preferred payment method.
  • Once you click the 'Submit Order' button, you will be redirected to PayPal's secure browser.
  • Choose a way to pay:
  1. PAYPAL ACCOUNT : Login to your PayPal account and complete the transaction.
  2. DEBIT OR CREDIT CARD : Enter card and billing details then click 'Pay' to complete your purchase.
  • Upon completion of the payment process, you will automatically receive an email confirming your order.
  • A separate payment confirmation email will be sent once we have successfully verified your payment.
  • NOTE: Billing details you input on checkout must match your PayPal or Credit/Debit card billing information

Payment Guidelines

  • We require full payment before we ship any order, no Cash on Delivery service.
  • Payments/Proof of Payments received on or before 6:00 pm are verified and confirmed up to no more than 4 hours.
  • Payments received on weekends, holidays or after 6:00 pm are verified and confirmed the next business day.
  • For bank deposit and money remittance payments, please pay the exact amount indicated on your order confirmation email.
  • Note that any transfer or handling fee should be borne by the customer.
  • You will receive a separate payment confirmation email once we have successfully verified your payment.